By John Witmer
Word Publishing
Nashville, Tennessee

Reviewed by Dynamic Steward staff

Jesus Christ . . . Son of God . . . Messiah . . . Savior . . . The Word . . . Son of Man . . . King of kings and Lord of lords . . . There are many names given to Jesus. The second person of the Godhead is clearly the central focus in God’s drama of redemption. Yet, tragically, many Christians know only a fraction of what the Bible teaches about Jesus. In Immanuel, Witmer unveils the Scriptural teachings and historical evidence of Jesus Christ.

John Witmer has done us all a great service by distilling what the Bible teaches about Jesus Christ, writes General Editor Charles Swindoll. Much like a careful archeologist, John has diligently dug through God’s Word and brought to the surface the riches about Jesus Christ found within its pages. Like treasures held up to the light, he allows the various facets of the person and work of Christ to flash their brilliance.

Scriptural teaching treasures and practical applications abound in Immanuel. Witmer describes a full picture of Christ in four distinct phases: the Son of God before He became a man; the divine suffering of man on earth; the glorified and ascended Christ; and the reigning King today.