Interview with Bob Marette

President of Financial Health Fair

Summary: Bob Marette, a certified financial planner, talks about helping God’s people get out of debt.

With degrees in Business and Mathematics, Bob Marette, a certified Financial Planner for over twenty years is today conducting well attended half-day workshops entitled “How to Get Out of Debt in Five to Seven Years, Including Mortgage” for churches, groups, retreats and other venues.

Recently a seminar presenter at the Christian Leadership Alliance Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, Bob graciously granted an interview to the editor of Dynamic Steward.

DS: Bob, share with us the emphasis of your ministry and why in your view getting out of debt is of high priority for the local church?

Bob: The average Christian is buried in debt. This burden of debt is like having a millstone around the neck. This has implications in our service to God. When God knocks on the heart of the Christian believer and asks, “Who will I send?” the believer says, “God I would love to go but I cannot because I am buried financially. I have all these payments and I have to go to work.”

The goal of my ministry is to help believers as the Body of Christ to get out of debt in five to seven years. Not having any payments equals freedom that is financial freedom and freedom to serve Christ. The believer is then able to say “yes” to Christ and as the Body of Christ it is able to serve. Now, when God knocks on their heart, the believer is able to say, “Here am I, Lord. Send me.”

DS: In addition to your workshop, what are other resources might you recommend to our readers?

Bob: Some people like to read and I suggest my book From a Millstone to a Milestone. Others like to watch and I now have the seminar available on DVD for the use of couples, families and church small groups. A new resource is the workbook, How to Get Out Debt by Applying God’s Principles, that is a companion for the seminar participant or DVD viewer.

DS: What words of encouragement do you have for our readers during these times of global economic uncertainty?

Bob: Regardless of the economy, it is best to be free of debt. During a tough economy people in debt will be hurt worse. The borrower becomes a servant to the lender. We want to strive for financial freedom and become bondservants to Christ. They say that the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is today. Therefore, I encourage you to draw a line in the sand, do not look in the rearview mirror rather focus on pressing ahead and getting rid of the earthly debt. Then we can more readily appreciate the One who redeemed us out of our eternal debt.

DS: What are the benefits that your seminar brings to the local church and congregation?

Bob: First it is a message of hope. Many participants approach me with the words, “I can do this…” Secondly, when the millstone of debt is removed from the Christian’s neck, this allows them to give more to the church and also encourages serving in the church and in turn the focus is now on the needs of others. Therefore, there is effectiveness of ministry as there is more faithfulness in giving. Also, hosting this seminar as an outreach service to the community is a tremendous outreach program. This topic is a major issue both inside and outside the church.

DS: What are your closing words?

Bob: My passion is to help God’s people get out of debt not so that they can accumulate more but so that they can say ‘yes’ to Christ and have the freedom to serve wherever he calls. The workshops are free. I will go anywhere, anytime, any city and any denomination in this endeavor.

DS: Thank you Bob, DS appreciates your time and sharing!

For more information please go to or [email protected]. To discuss or schedule a seminar please write: Bob Marrette, P.O. Box 1081, Denver Colorado, 80614, or call (303) 280-9565.