By J. I. Packer
Harold Shaw Publishers
Wheaton, Illinois

Reviewed by Dynamic Steward staff

Drawn from the vast resource of J I Packer’s teaching and writing, these daily readings emphasize the central Christian theme of a sovereign God who is also our loving heavenly Father. Each reading is dated and under a page in length. The readings are separated into weekly themes that are topically indexed at the end of the book. All themes emphasize the overall theme of being part of the family of God and focuses on the worshipper’s relationship with God as creator, redeemer, protector, and father.

Both scholarly and down-to-earth, Packer is recognized worldwide as a leading evangelical theologian. He is currently Board of Governors Professor of Theology at Regent College in Vancouver, Canada and an active writer, lecturer, and preacher. Those who enjoy Packer’s insightful teachings and writing style will enjoy this devotional while seeking a deeper, more personal relationship with God.

Don’t treat these words as if they were inspired, Packer says, but use them as a springboard to see how high your heavenly Father lifts you. Always forthright, thoughtful, and challenging, these daily meditations will encourage all who are part of the family of God. Of the devotional life, Packer says To rush God randomly babbling about what is on our mind at the moment, with no pause to realize His greatness and grace and our own sinfulness and smallness, is at once to dishonor Him and to make shallow our own fellowship with Him.