Wesley K. Willmer, General Editor

Moody Publishers

Chicago, Illinois

2008 US $24.99

Reviewed by the Staff of Dynamic Steward

A Revolution in Generosity equips resource-raising leaders to help Christians become generous by conforming to the image of Christ. With twenty-two expert contributors, this comprehensive book is a must-read for churches and organizations striving to rid themselves of secular asking practices and gain an eternal approach.

Glean revolutionary wisdom from these gifted contributors: Rebekah B. Basinger; Shelley A. Cochrane; Howard L. Dayton; Richard E. Edit; John R. Frank; Todd W. Harper; Brian P. Kluth; Lauren D. Libby; Adam J. Morris; Paul D. Nelson; R. Scott Rodin; Richard J. Towner; Mark L. Vincent; Wesley K. Willmer. To order email the Christian Leadership Alliance Bookstore at cbt@trainingsys.com (10% discount for DS readers) or call Carolyn Thompson at 1-800-469-3560.