by Patrick G. McLaughlin

The Timothy Group

Grand Rapids, Michigan

2010 US $15.00 Release in mid-2010

Reviewed by the Staff of Dynamic Steward

Stewardship is everything you do after you say, “I believe.” So how do you then live your life of stewardship? From beginning to end, the Bible provides a world class study about stewardship. And surprisingly, it is the short and often overlooked Old Testament book of Haggai that is a centerpiece to the study. This “minor” prophet addressed every segment of society and culture, challenging the Jewish population of 522 BC Judah and Jerusalem to become obedient managers of God’s resources and tangible blessings. Remarkably, the words, perspectives and principles apply just as well to those of us living in the 21st century western world. This new book is a teaching, preaching and discussion guide for discovering God’s principles for giving. To order go to Pre-publication orders accepted.