by Gene A. Getz
B&H Publishing Group
Nashville, Tennessee
2005 US $12.99

Reviewed by the Staff of Dynamic Steward
Meet one of the greatest leaders of all time. His name is Nehemiah. Author Gene Getz brings him to life in this Old Testament study. Whether you are a leader in your home, your church, or in your business, Nehemiah will teach you leadership principles that will work in every situation. If you face discouragement, in yourself and others, he'll teach you how to face it and emerge victorious. If morale has dropped out of sight, he'll teach you how to get people out of the cellar and out where they can once again see the "sunshine." If you struggle with conflict among your people, he'll teach you how to resolve it God's way. You name it, Nehemiah faced it! But every time?with the "help of his God''?he succeeded, even against impossible odds. One of the greatest things Nehemiah will teach you is how to pray. This book will help you "plan your work" and "work your plan!" To order go to