Josanan Alvres, Jr., Director

PHONE 55 (61) 345-1818
FAX 55 (61) 345-7778

Juninha Barboza, Administrative Assistant

Caixa Postal 2600
CEP 70275-970

Setor de Grandes Areas Sul
Quadra 611, Conjunto D, Parte C, Asa Sul
70200-710, Brasilia, DF

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Falkland Islands, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay, with adjacent islands in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans; comprising the Argentina, Central Brazil, South Brazil, and Southeast Brazil Union Conferences; the Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, North Brazil, North Peru, Northeast Brazil, Northwest Brazil, South Peru, and West Central Brazil Union Missions; and
the Paraguay, and Uruguay Union of Churches Missions.

Churches, 10,610; membership, 2,064,514; population, 318,505,000 (online statistics).

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Daily Devotional

Barossa Valley bounty

He was aware of my involvement in various church radio projects and had called to ask if I could possibly find a radio licence in the Barossa Valley area of South Australia. He shared with me his burden for the souls in that region, and expressed his concern about the alcohol obsession that was prevalent in what is perhaps Australia's most famous wine-growing area.