Moody Press
Chicago, Illinois

Reviewed by Dynamic Steward staff

It is commonly said that how we spend our days is how we spend our lives. If you are like most people, the minute you wake up, your thoughts are flooded with all the things you need to do that day. As humans, our impulse is to get started on those things and to accomplish all we can. But as Christians, we are primarily called into relationship with Jesus Christ. And that relationship requires that we spend time with God worshiping Him, studying His Word, and asking Him to be at the center of all we do. This is what is essential. So it’s time to spend our time where it counts the most.

If you are longing to grow closer to God, but struggle with where to begin, if there are too many things that call for your attention all the time, then Life Essentials is for you. Designed to help you develop and mature in your walk with Christ, it focuses on the three areas of growth:

  • Growing Spiritually
  • Growing Personally
  • Growing in Ministry

Filled with tips on studying the Bible, it includes a prayer journal to guide you in praying for your family members; sermon/Bible study notes; articles on sharing your faith; extensive recommended reading lists of top Christian literature; counsel on finances from God’s perspective; and much more. Life Essentials will walk you step by step in building a more intimate relationship with our God.

Whether you’re snuggling up with a cup of cocoa at home, out on the road, or catching just a few minutes with God in the midst of your busy schedule, this is the ideal devotional companion. It is the perfect place for you to spend time developing the kind of relationship with God that He so desires to have with you—so that everything else you do will overflow out of that, with Him at the center.