By Jane Kise and David Stark
Bethany House Publishers
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Reviewed by Dynamic Steward Staff

Without a clear understanding of what it means to find God’s will, the search for personal guidance frequently results in analysis paralysis. Sometimes our desire for absolute certainty blocks us from stepping out in faith so that God can guide us. LifeDirections (Combining two words, the authors coin a new word to describe the purpose of this book.) offers a fresh look at finding God’s will.

Designed for individual or group study, this book uses biblical and real- life examples to explain the four guidance systems that God uses to guide us. Most often, major misdirection or a seeming lack of direction follows reliance on only one or two of these systems instead of integrating information from all four.

LifeDirections first gives practical steps for finding God’s will through Scripture, both God-given insights and life-giving principles. The second system, Special Design, considers how the talents, gifts, personality, values, and passions we were given point to what God would have us do and to the methods God might use to make leadings clear. Third, principles are given for grasping how and why the Holy Spirit might lead us directly. Finally, LifeDirections explores how Circumstances can guide us: what the Bible really has to say about doors that open and close in our lives.

Practical suggestions are provided for problems that might block the clear knowledge of God’s will. In today’s world of rapid change and abundant opportunity, uncertainty over direction in life is a reality for many people. LifeDirections helps believers find guidance and purpose for all areas of their lives.

More importantly, this book is more than a spiritual compass to help the reader see God’s direction. This book is full of hope for those who feel lost even when fitted with the best spiritual armor. LifeDirections teaches you how to believe in successfully completing life’s journey in spite of the potholes along the way.