By Lloyd Ogilvie
Harold Shaw Publishers
Wheaton, Illinois

Reviewed by Dynamic Steward staff

The astounding, invigorating dynamics of the Holy Spirit have never been more present and available than now, declares author Lloyd Ogilvie, who is currently serving as the 61st Chaplain to the United States Senate. With richness and practical insight, he uses the story of the Book of Acts to show the joy of living as God intends—with the limitless power of the Holy Spirit released in our lives.

Formatted like a detailed outline of the Acts, the topics discussed include the meaning of a Spirit-filled life, the adventure of following the Spirit’s guidance, how to find forgiveness and joy, giving up idols, and living confidently in the power of Christ’s Resurrection.

Use this book as your guide to follow the story of the early church. From their example, discover the firm foundation of God’s church. In their victories, plan your own with the Holy Spirit.

Through the Acts of the Holy Spirit, join in the adventure of following the Spirit’s guidance and living confidently in His power.