By Robert K. Hudnut
InterVarsity Press
Downers Grove, Illinois

Reviewed by Dynamic Steward staff

When Mother Teresa was a teenager, she was uncertain as to whether or not God wanted her to serve the poor of India. So she asked her parish priest, How will I know I am called to India? He replied, You will know you are called by your joy.

Robert Hudnut says that we can likewise discover the joy of knowing when God calls us. In Call Waiting: How to Hear God Speak, he shows us that God didn’t speak only to people who lived 2,000 years ago. He still speaks today, and we can hear God’s call at various listening points of life.

Many in today’s society are dissatisfied with their lives because they lack a sense of vocation, or calling. We are often too busy to listen for God, and we pursue our own agendas rather than discover what God has in store for us. And yet we search for that sense of meaning, purpose and fulfillment that comes only from hearing from God. God’s call is waiting for you, Hudnut says. You have only to listen.

In this book Robert Hudnut teaches us to listen for God by directing us to the examples of biblical characters who hear God. The short chapters are perfect for daily reflective reading or for extended times of learning. Through the chapters and the biblical accounts, you will find God nearer than you ever imagined. God promises to guide us. Our task is to learn to hear.

Eugene Peterson, translator of The Message, says of this book We are flooded with information, but have to go looking for wisdom. Look here: put yourself in the company of Robert Hudnut’s wise and reliable direction for those who seek to live well before and with God.

Here’s the book to take you on the path that reconnects you to your Father God. Through this book, you can learn the art of living in the presence of God, you can appreciate the peace that can only come from surrendering every moment to His will, you can listen for His prompting, you can move forward and upwards to the life He has planned for you.

Don’t make the mistake of putting your life on hold. Get on the direct connection to a loving God who waits to speak to you.