Reviewed by Dynamic Steward staff

No story about God’s light coming into a dark space is a small story, and every story that is a reminder of God’s grace is our story. This collection of inspirational stories about everyday grace gathers together personal accounts from people next door and around the globe, from the famous and the lesser known. No matter what your background or circumstances, God’s grace shows up everywhere: airports, grocery stores, hospital rooms—the details of our lives. Contributors include Madeleine L’Engle, Luci Shaw, Margaret Jensen, Corrie ten Boom, Kim Bolton, Larry Crab, and Patricia St. John.

Their stories will remind you of God’s presence in our everyday lives, in the little things, in both the crisis and the mundane. Read the stories of people who experience God’s love and grace, and you will be reminded that stories happen only to those who expect them, to those who have their eyes and ears and hearts open to the working of God’s grace.

This book of answered prayers and signs of grace will encourage and affirm new believers and seasoned veterans alike. The uses of this book can be many—a gift of appreciation or encouragement; a source for sermon illustrations or children’s stories; or a personal bedside storybook.