By Rebecca Pippert
InterVarsity Press
Downers Grove, Illinois

Reviewed by Mohanraj Israel, Pastor, Spicer Memorial Church, Pune, India

From start to finish Rebecca Pippert’s soul-gripping work, Out of the Saltshaker and into the World, is electrifying! It urged me to search my soul in all humility for the little I’ve accomplished through personal testimony and witness, to acknowledge tremendous potential God has blessed each of us with. Through stories and biblical insights, Pippert creates enthusiasm for sharing one’s faith by encouraging a style of witnessing that is true to one’s own being.

Recognizing that fear and a lack of communicative skills are real enemies to evangelism, Pippert devotes several chapters to discuss questions such as, What is the role of truth and how can we speak in the power of God’s truth? How can we practice the presence of Jesus and mediate His love as we share the gospel?

As a student of missions and church planting, I was fascinated by her natural steps of evangelism (cultivating the soil; planting the seed; reaping the harvest in God’s truth and love; and reaping the harvest in God’s power.)

She moves through the content with the strength of application which makes her steps not just fascinating, but easy to follow. Being a firm believer that truth can be revealed through reason, stories, and the power of the Holy Spirit, Pippert scatters stories of God’s work in the changing of lives, the competitors of the Christian faith, and the challenges of witnessing.

If you need a book that wraps everything you want to know about the hands-on practicality of evangelism, then this one’s for you.