By Jane Rubietta
Bethany Press International
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Reviewed by Lorna Samraj, Director of Admissions, Canadian University College, Alberta, Canada

In our world, time is structured by artificial, human-imposed schedules. We measure our days in hours and minutes. We rush through life meeting deadlines and making appointments. We begin and end activities by the clock.

Through Still Waters Rubietta teaches ways to stop the mechanical clock and be transported back to God’s original plan where activities are synchronized with His time. If you want inner, lasting peace but don’t know where to begin, you will find refreshing and rewarding her practical suggestions for communion with God. She reminds us that God promises to lead us beside still waters. But we have to choose—to allow the world to dictate how we live or, through personal initiative and mutual encouragement, allow God to guide our lives.

The book is divided into 12 chapters, each an exploration and examination of issues that often hinder personal growth. Understanding that resolving these issues is a key element in achieving personal wholeness, Rubietta offers the following life-application methods of resolution:

Reading for Reflection introduces the subject and starts you on a journey of exploration.

Quotes for Contemplation uses the wisdom and experiences of other Christians to reassure you that you are not alone in your struggles.

Scriptures for Meditation help you validate your growth and continue to allow God to instruct and guide you through the reading of His Word.

Journaling encourages you to reflect on your life honestly and openly.

Prayers of Confession, Praise, and Petition invites you to relearn to confess your sins, giving God the power to answer your petitions.

Moments for Creation teaches you to let time go by unnoticed as you allow the power in God’s wondrous nature to heal your soul.

Silence demonstrates your willingness to let God take control.

Questions for Reflection prods you to reexamine the deep things of your soul.

Hymns of Praise steers music to uplift your hearts and make your spirits soar.

Used alone or in small groups, the book is excellent for personal growth. Through it you will find that a personal relationship with God results in peace that satisfies the hunger and yearning of your soul.