By Dan Benson
Zondervan Publishing House
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Reviewed by Dynamic Steward staff

Most books on financial management can be very intimidating—voluminous, overflowing with business jargon, and downright cumbersome. But this small, can-almost-fit-in-your-pocket book is far from threatening. Aptly called 21 Days to Financial Freedom, this book begins with a predetermined schedule and goal: to tame your financial practices in just 21 days.

This practical, hands-on, easy- to-use book is part of Moody’s 21-Day Series. The other books in this series are 21 Days to . . . Enjoy Your Bible, Eating Better, A Thrifty Lifestyle, Better Family Entertainment, Better Quiet Time with God, Better Fitness, Helping Your Child Learn.

Studies show that a habit can be established in three weeks. By using a day-by-day plan for change, one can make a positive, lasting, lifestyle difference in just 21 days. The 21-Day Series is not about quick fixes, says author Benson. It’s about uniting faith with action to produce a positive Christian lifestyle.

What an exhilarating mental picture--to be out of debt! This book will help you make that come true. In just 21 days you’ll find yourself breaking free from the harmful ways of your past and implementing sound financial strategies. During this short period of time, you will learn how to

? Gain control of your cash flow

? Get out of debt—and stay out of debt

? Give yourself a raise—no matter what your boss says

? Have the money you need when you need it

? Give more to your church

? Ensure a financially secure retirement