By James Paris

Harvest Publishers
Eugene, Oregon

Reviewed by Dynamic Steward staff

Based on the premise that Christians are called to honor God with their finances, Jim Paris offers biblically sound financial principles and ideas to help you cut expenses and get your money’s worth every time. This book is not about making more money, but about managing money in a wise, God-approved manner. In this book Absolutely Amazing Ways to Save Money on Everything you will discover practical ways to make your money work harder and last longer.

Although written primarily for the western market, it has many great tips and suggestions that are applicable worldwide. This book will help you—

? save 30 to 50 percent on clothes

? realize tremendous savings on groceries

? find the best deals using the Internet

? invest for financial security and children’s education

? maintain your home and yard with minimal expense

? arrange unique, low-cost vacations

? buy furniture and appliances at far below retail value

Packed with practical suggestions and information to make your money stretch farther, this book is a must if you want to stay on budget, achieve financial security and still have fun!