By Ray Linder
Moody Press
Chicago, Illinois

Countless families today give the false impression of being wealthy while drowning in a sea of debt. These days you cannot escape the pressure to keep up with the lifestyle and living standards of those around you. As a result, many look to money and material goods to satisfy the emptiness within their souls. Sadly, money has become the end goal, rather than a tool to enhance one’s life and ministry.

What Will I Do With My Money? will help you understand the underlying causes of how you spend your money. By analyzing your money personality, this book will skillfully assist you in making better financial choices. The book covers hundreds of ways you can make your money work harder and last longer.

With over 20 years’ of experience in the financial world, author Ray Linder does not merely look at financial data. Instead he pointedly addresses how one’s personality must factor into any financial plan. For example, some of the chapter topics are: your money memories; money and self-esteem; your financial behavior; a custom-tailored career; modifying your money style

To summarize this book in a sentence: It explains very simply how to use money in a way that satisfies not just the senses but also the soul.