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Prove Me Now

Prove Me Now

She had just completed her four-year college degree and was looking forward to doing her Masters. With only a few hundred dollars in her hands, Denise desperately needed to repair her laptop. It had fallen and experienced connectivity issues. She needed her laptop for school but she also needed to pay her tithe. What would she do? What would you do?

After four years of usage and an expired AppleCare service, repairing her laptop would mean paying out of pocket. Though she had estimated the cost of the repairs, she still had a choice to make: pay her tithe or repair her computer. Denise chose to pay her tithe first and then take her laptop for repairs. With great hesitance, she walked into the Apple Store two days after taking in her laptop, waiting to hear the “shocking cost” of her repairs.

After what seemed like eternity with one of the store representatives, a manager walked up to her and asked: “How would you like a new computer?” “That would be nice,” she said jokingly. Within a few minutes, the manager stood in front of her with a brand new 15’ MacBook Pro and a receipt. Denise’s eyes quickly searched for how much she owed on the receipt.

To her amazement, it read: “Balance = $0.00.” “Impossible,” she thought. “Someone must be playing a prank on me!” “Hope you have a great day,” the manager said, and walked away. She had received credit for the laptop she used for four years: the exact cost of the new laptop.

In Malachi 3:10, the Lord asks us to prove Him and see if He wouldn’t open the windows of heaven for us, so that there wouldn’t be room enough to receive it. Would you like to prove God today? He’s an awesome God. Always put Him first.

By Johnetta B. Flomo

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