A few days later, while conversing with a friend of mine who owned a shop, I suggested he might try to sell some of my cassettes. Because he had heard me sing at quite a few functions, he suggested I set up my backing equipment outside his shop and see what would happen.

As I returned home that night, the thought kept troubling me, so I spent most of the night talking to my friend, Jesus, who impressed me to cling to His promises. I approached my friend the next morning, ready by God's grace to give it a go. But I was so nervous, imagining that some of the people in the street might turn up with rotten eggs and ripe tomatoes to throw.

As I hit the first note, all fear left me and I realised that I wasn't doing this alone--I was only the instrument in the Master's hands. Everything went well and I soon had some nice people showing interest, as my friend sold eight of my tapes in two hours.

When God wants us to do a work for Him, who are we to tell God how to find a person who needs saving? He always knows best.

I have had many experiences using my music in this way. On one occasion, before going to work, I prayed I would meet someone I could help. After singing for an hour or two, I felt impressed to sing some gospel songs, starting with "One Day at a Time," then "Just a Closer Walk With Thee." Then I was getting more courage, so right there on the footpath, I sang, "The King is Coming." Then I stopped and waited to see what would happen. After wondering to myself for a couple of minutes, I thought, That's strange--nothing has happened. I started to sing an old, secular song, when a well-built man caught my attention.

"Can I see you for a minute when you're finished?" he asked. At the end of the song, I stepped over, held out my hand and said, "Ross is my name. Can I help you?" "Yes," he said. "A few minutes ago you were singing a song, something about a closer walk with God." "That's right," I replied. Then I noticed a tear trickle from his eye. "Please tell me more," I said. "We've been really upset, Ross. We lost our son last weekend and buried him three days ago. My wife was only a few metres away listening to that song. It gave us hope. She pressed me to come and ask you if you have a tape with that song on it that we can buy, so we can listen to it over and over." I gave him the tape with my name, address and phone number, telling him that if I could help any further to give me a call. What a wonderful God we work for. He was watching over those parents who had lost their young son, had them in the right place and impressed me to sing a song at the exact time that would meet their needs. I went home that afternoon feeling really blessed, knowing God had used me to help two of His dear children with a real need. I trust I might meet them in the kingdom one day soon and hear them tell me how God used a song to draw them to Him.

For I can do everything with the help of Christ who gives me the strength I need. Philippians 4:13.

L Ross Corney lives in Balmoral, New South Wales, and is a musician who has travelled extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand, using his vocal talent to introduce people to Jesus.

This story is used with permission from Signs Publishing Company. More of these stories can be found in these collections: Ordinary People—Extraordinary God, Ordinary People—Faithful God, and Ordinary People—Generous God