Genefa was a pastor's wife and Lucy was her friend, who would not accept the importance of Sabbath. Genefa was telling Lucy how important God's day of rest was and that Sabbath is a specially blessed day.

One Sabbath, they were returning home after a church gathering-- in a private home, as all churches were closed by the German occupiers--and Genefa had her husband's brown jumper on her arm. But as they walked and talked, Genefa realised she had lost the jumper.

Lucy immediately noticed her loss and said, "You see, something bad did happen when you said it would not!"

But Genefa was a faithful Christian and replied, "Just a minute, Lucy. There is a God in heaven who He sees my jumper and He is able to return it to me. Let's pray here in the street."

So they stood aside and Genefa prayed, "O Lord, my heavenly Father, you know where the jumper is. Please return it to me, as I have no money to buy another one. There is war around us, please show me where the jumper is."

And together they walked back to the place where the worship service had been held.

As they passed a nearby street, a person appeared opposite them and Genefa stopped to ask politely, "Excuse me, did you see a brown men's jumper? I lost it somewhere in the street."

The person--who she couldn't remember to describe later--said, "Oh, you have to go further and turn right in the first street, then turn left at the next street and right again. There will be a farmer with a horse-driven cart, unloading potatoes."

Genefa followed the instructions and came to the street where a farmer was unloading potatoes. She stopped and asked him, "Excuse me, sir, did you see a brown jumper? I lost it somewhere in the street." The farmer stopped and said, "Oh, you have to walk along this street, turn left at the next street, then turn right. Walk further and turn right again. There will be a milk bar and people in the queue for milk. Ask there."

Genefa and Lucy again carefully followed the instructions and soon came to the milk bar, just as the farmer had said. Without hesitation, Genefa went into the shop and asked loudly, "Excuse me, please. I lost a brown men's jumper. Did anybody see it in the street?"

Somebody behind the counter said, "Oh yes, wait here." The shopkeeper disappeared into the back of the shop and returned a moment later with the jumper. Genefa thanked him and they left the shop. Lucy was speechless. Genefa said, "Let's pray here in the street and thank our Heavenly Father." So they stood and prayed, thanking God for His help, His mercy, His love and His care. Lucy was baptised soon after. She had seen that God was real and did not doubt His commands anymore. She is still alive, in the same church in the south of Poland.

What is the price of five sparrows? A couple of pennies? Yet God does not forget a single one of them. And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don't be afraid; you are more valuable to him than a whole flock of sparrows. Luke 12:6, 7.

Danuta Grabecka grew up in Poland but came to Australia in 1964 and now lives in Boronia, Victoria.