Stewardship Quotes

An excellent compilation of stewardship quotes by Jean-Luc Lézeau, presented in PowerPoint format.

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By investigating four biblical characters, you will explore four different temperaments and see how these people were transformed. (5 hrs)

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Strategic Church Budgeting

In the past, the church budget was the sole responsibility of the church treasurer.This seminar will help you to involve the whole church in building a budget that is mission driven. (2 hrs)

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Learning to Walk with God, Part 2: Jesus’ Way

After looking at the human model of “Joseph,” Scripture points to a better model, “Jesus.” More than a model, He is Himself the source, the strength, and the only way by which man can expect to master his life and change his character. (8 hrs: Can be presented independently from Part 1).

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Learning to Walk with God, Part 1: Joseph’s Journey into Egypt

This seminar follows Joseph’s journey from Canaan to Egypt and reveals how he developed his character and his relationships with his brothers, his masters, and above all, the God who was with him. Study a holistic approach to stewardship through Joseph’s example. (12-16 hrs)

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Ezra, a Leadership Model

Nehemiah accomplished a miracle in 52 days by repairing the walls of Jerusalem, yet God called him to rekindle Israel’s spiritual life. Which task was more important? This seminar explores the attributes of spiritual leadership. (4 hrs)

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Christian Time Management

How can we be better stewards of our time? This seminar will help you realize what your “time eaters” are and assist you in separating what is important from that which is urgent. (8 hrs)

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