Simi Valley Church Experiences Tithe Increase—A report from senior church pastor Phil white

In 2020, the Simi Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church had a 13.8 percent tithe increase and exceeded their church budget by $3,500. Also in 2020, the church family contributed $25,000 to the church’s Love Fund to assist church members who have experienced financial hardship during the pandemic.

What motivated them? Each Tuesday, members are sent a God First e-mail along with the weekly God First devotional video on Tithe and Offerings. Every other week, members receive a link to the church’s online giving site. Even though the Simi Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church family has not met in a full in-person worship service for a year, they continue their faithful generosity to God. Despite the pandemic and all the challenges it has brought to church members, in 2020 they returned a 14-year high in tithe.

The Semi Valley church’s approach is to never beg for money. The church family is thanked every week for their continued generosity and encouraged to focus on the blessings they'll receive when they put God first.

God has truly blessed His church!



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