One Friday evening, robbers entered the home of a local church treasurer, whose family has just returned from church. The tithes and offerings were stored in their home only because, at that time, churches were not yet used to having a bank account.

The robbers demanded money, but the church treasurer insisted that they didn’t have any. The robbers were not convinced, because they knew the family has just sold copra (dried coconut kernels, from which coconut oil is made). The treasurer explained that the funds from selling the copra had been sent to their daughter in Cebu, who was studying optometry. The robbers didn’t believe the treasurer; instead, they continued searching and opening the family’s lockers and drawers for a possible place where the money was being kept.

Surprisingly, the robbers didn’t find the family’s tithes and offerings, even though they were just beside the drawer of the table near where the thieves were looking. The robbers finally left the home without taking anything at all with them. The tithe and offering were never touched.

That same night, the family’s neighbors seemed to hear angelic voices singing beautiful songs. The following day, they asked, “How many visitors did you have last night? Their voices and their songs were so beautiful!” The treasurer answered, ”Our visitors were thieves, but they were not able to rob us. They left without taking anything.”

The family fully believes that the angels were the ones who protected their lives and kept hidden from the thieves the drawer of the table where the tithe and offering were kept.


By Luisa Lotilla, 82 years old