One of our team members, Alan Hecht, editorial assistant for GC Stewardship since 2019, is leaving the department for some new venture. Before joining our team, Alan had served for 30 years as the GC librarian. The “Building” will miss him and likewise us!

It has been a pleasure knowing and working with Alan for more than two years. He has a gentle personality and is friendly; he doesn't talk much but is an expert in his field.

During these past years, all our publications have had the fingerprint of Alan. When you are looking for an appropriate English word (some of us are often short of words) or have a messy article that needs to be rearranged or shortened, without drum or trumpet, unobtrusively, Alan would step up.

Our dear colleague has taught us the art of a growing mindset: From organizing paper books, he metamorphosed into a video editor and social media creator for the benefit of the world church. God always equips those who make themselves available.

May the Spirit blow his sail forward!

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