The youth in the South-East Tanzania Conference (ECD) decided to conclude the year 2018 in the bush. They spent December 12-22, 2018, in the bush of Ruvu, Mlandizi Pwani, in Tanzania, studying stewardship lessons under the theme: “God First,” translated in Swahili as “Mungu Kwanza.” They used Matthew 6:33 as the key verse.

It was a very exciting spiritual-revival moment for the young people to come into contact with God’s voice in the bush, which called upon them to put Him first and remain faithful to the end.

Every youth activity in this camp was done under the same theme, including the investiture service. Some products such as water and jelly were processed and branded “Mungu Kwanza.” The youth were so on fire with this message that it became the greeting of all the campers.

It was deemed necessary by church leaders to instill the stewardship spirit and principles into the hearts and lives of these young people, even at this early age. ECD Stewardship Ministries plans to hold similar youth camps in many other territories of the division.

Watch YouTube videos here of the activities or see gallery below.

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