Stewardship Ministries Advisory 2021

The 2021 Advisory was an unusual advisory for unusual times and there were seven new directors. Normally, advisories are held in person, just after a General Conference Session. As it has with many other things, the COVID-19 pandemic has upended these expectations. It was not held after a GC Session, again due to COVID-19. Also, it was virtual, via Zoom, and not in-person.

Some things were still the same, however. As seen in our Vision and Strategic Plan, we were busily engaged in setting the agenda for the next quinquennium. Members shared experiences and lessons learned in often challenging circumstances. Stewardship ministry leaders from around the world met to pray, study, and share.

Each day included presentations on leadership from such stewardship professionals as Dr. Randy Siebold, Russell Raelly, General Conference President Ted N. C. Wilson, General Conference Vice President Billy Biaggi, and General Conference Treasurer—Paul H. Douglas. Members came together to partake in group activities that built skills and mutual trust. In addition, leaders addressed practical issues facing the church, such as how best to make use of technology and social media to encourage church members to put God First in every area of their lives.

Attendees went away with renewed resolve to lead by example and to exercise accountability with their membership and with God. All had a spiritually uplifting time!

View the 2021 Advisory in pictures.

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