The Promise Concept—Podcast

In this Podcast you will learn more about "Promise," a new name for the old concept of the regular and systematic offering. Is there any biblical basis for this kind of offering? Is there any mention of it also in the writings of Ellen G. White? (You may watch this presentation on YouTube : ;

Unlike special offerings, the "Promise" offering is given as regularly as God's financial blessings are received. It is not triggered by any suggestion or request for donations from any human agent or institution, but it is triggered by God's giving. A Promisor will always give after His giving, as an act of worship, recognizing that He is always the first to give. As a way to partner with God in His plan to save the human race, a Promisor will prayerfully establish a fixed proportion of their income/increase to return to God every time there is a financial blessing (proportional system).

The regularity with which a Promisor gives is established not by the calendar, emotions, sympathy, acquaintance with good projects, mystical feelings, but by God's giving. A Promisor gives as regularly as he/she receives something from God, which leads them to recognize God as the Origin of all blessings. Instead of a donor, the Promisor giver identifies himself or herself as a worshiper.

They don't give to be recognized as philanthropists or benefactors. They give simply because they were given before, reminding themselves that every giving starts with God.

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Presented during the EUD Stewardship (virtual) Advisory, November 19, 2020.


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