Stewardship Question and Answer—Tithing from Social Security

QUESTION: If your only income is from social security, are you supposed to pay tithe and offering?

ANSWER: It is believed that one should tithe from the gross of any increase one receives. When you tithe from your gross, you tithe from the overall amount from which your social security has been deducted.

When you retire, you don’t need to tithe on that income as you returned tithe on it while working. However, you can give offerings of gratitude to God for blessing you in retirement.

On the other hand, if you returned your tithe from your net, after your social security income has been deducted, you will need to also return your tithe on the social security income received as this was not part of your tithing system while you were working. You will need to return the tithe on the gross of your regular social security income.

Hope this makes sense.