Trash or Treasure?

Craig Randall drove his garbage truck to a Wendy’s restaurant to pick up their trash and drove away $200,000 richer. The previous week when he had stopped at Wendy’s, he rummaged through the garbage and pulled a contest sticker off a cup. That time he won a free chicken sandwich. This time he found a cup and thought, Hey, I’d like to get some free fries to go with it.

When he pulled off the sticker off, it read: “Congratulations! You have won $200,000.” Someone who had eaten in the restaurant hadn’t taken the time to pull off the sticker before throwing the cup away. To one person it was trash. To another, treasure.

The riches of God’s Word are available to all who will take the time to read it. But first you must recognize its value.

Kent Crockett’s Sermon Illustrations,

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