January - March 2015

Becoming A Steward Leader

Money, stewardship, leadership: How do they fit together? This work explores what it means to go beyond prevailing paradigms on money and possessions to embrace a biblical view of stewardship. This book will fundamentally change the way you think, lead, and live.

"This work explores what it means to go beyond prevailing paradigms on money and possessions to embrace a biblical view of stewardship. This book will fundamentally change the way you think, lead, and live."

The experienced thought-leaders who contributed to Becoming A Steward Leader reflect on their life's work in stewardship thinking and application. They share insights, counsel, concerns, and aspirations for the emerging generation of Christian leaders. You will discover the biblical understanding of a steward; apply insights to become a steward-leader; overcome the god-like power of money; embrace giving as an essential Christian discipline; and more. This book  advocates resource development as transformative ministry in the life of the giver. You will want to examine your heart motives and ecourage others in their journey to become biblical steward-leaders.

Becoming A Steward Leader, Edited by Mark L. Vincent & Joseph Krivickas. Available at

Dying to Lead

Wether you are a manager, a president, or a parent, this book will help you reframe your thinking about leadership and what it means to be responsible for the growth, direction, and work of others. Dr. Rob McKenna highlights the realities of leading others, and offers meaningful questions and advice for becoming the leader you would like to be, as well as the kind of leader you would follow. Dying to Lead: Sacrificial Leadership in a Self-Centered World is approachable and practical, with short chapters and reflection questions. It is humorous at times, full of practical advice, and loaded with important questions that will get you thinking more deeply about your journey as a leader and as a person.

Dying to Lead: Sacrificial Leadership in a Self-Centered World, by Robert McKenna. Available at

Spiritual Leadership

Spiritual Leadership is one of Henry and Richard Blackaby’s most highly regarded and best-selling books to date, encouraging business and church leaders alike to follow God’s biblical design for success. In fact, the Barna Group reports that pastors list it among today’s most influential writings on the topic of how God develops, guides, and empowers spiritual leaders. 

In this new trade paper edition of Spiritual Leadership, the Blackabys update their notes on the key points regarding a leader’s challenges, character qualities, influence, decision making techniques, and more, all the while focusing on how leaders discover and promote God’s vision for their organization and move people on to His agenda. There are also new chapters on leading change and leading teams.

Spiritual Leadership, Moving People on to God's Agenda, by Henry & Richard Blackaby. Available at