By Carol Barron, Administrative Assistant, North American Adult Ministries Department

Summary: When Jesus is control of your life, you totally depend on Him for ALL things. Yet this is not a dependence that makes you weak; this dependence makes you strong because Christ is in control.

Willingly, I have entered into a very serious relationship that is beyond my control and beyond my wildest dreams. It all began when I let Jesus be lord of my life. My life has now taken on new meaning all because of Him—and it’s exciting!

You may respond, Get real, lady. It can’t be all that good. This is the real world with real problems, real anxieties, real anger. Get real! Well, hear me out. I once had some real problems. I had some real ugly feelings too. Then I took Jesus at His word (the Bible) that He was almighty (possessing all power), that He was a counselor (an advisor). I said to Him I belong to you no matter what, right? You want to be in every nook and corner of my life, right? I accept Your offer. Be owner, lord, controller, counselor of my life. Do what you want with me.

When Jesus Christ stepped in and took control, sparks flew, doors opened, and all sorts of good things began to happen. I am now totally dependent on Him in ALL things and for ALL things. Yet it is not a dependence that makes me weak; I am strong because Christ is in control.

In His control, I am secure. He takes good care of me. Jesus has awakened and fine-tuned in me talents that I didn’t know existed. Each day I re-dedicate myself to Him—I lay my plans before Him, and I ask for His input. If He wants to change my plans, it’s fine with me because I trust Him.

In His control, I am adored. My Jesus wants me near Him all the time. And I want to be near Him too. He has become my lifestyle, and I live to please Him. When He awakens me each morning,--sharing part of His life with me, showering me with His new mercies—my day becomes an adventure.

The relationship gets sweeter and sweeter. And every day I want to be more and more like Jesus. Real problems still creep into my life, but I quickly turn them over to Jesus. In Jesus, I have peace when all around is turmoil.

With Jesus in control, I am bubbly, I am joyous—all over and deep down in my soul. I can’t help but express my feelings about Him to others. And when I do, that Jesus-joy comes gushing out, splashing all around me. Since Jesus became lord of my life, I can’t help but burst out in a song and dance of thanksgiving.

My Jesus is in total control. If He’s not lord of everything, then He’s not lord at all!