By Fylvia Fowler Kline, Assistant Director, General Conference Stewardship

Summary: A review of Youth Worker\s Idea Deport, CD-Rom full of teaching ideas and ready-made programs for youth.

Ask me to give an impromptu speech to a thousand adults and I would not hesitate. But ask me to address a handful of youth and I need DAYS to prepare! Not any more. Group Publishing* has granted my wish for innovative youth programming in their Youth Worker\s Idea Depot. This is a CD-ROM for Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 and has 1,001 ideas for teenagers (works well with the pre-teens in my church too). There are a lot of things I like about it. Here are just a few:

  1. Has 1,001 ideas. You can find an idea for almost any topic. I searched for ideas on stewardship, time, lordship and priorities. In less than two minutes I had over 250 ideas!
  2. Is easy to use. I just clicked on the look for ideas icon, typed in the topics, and hit search. You can search by subject, Scripture, or category (skits, object lessons, parties, adventures, etc.)
  3. Requires little or no preparation. The first time I used it, it was two weeks before I was to speak. It was so easy that the next time I was daring—I started clicking about 15 minutes before leaving for church!
  4. Can add ideas. You can add your ideas (or ones you\ve borrowed from others) into the depot. This is great for me for I am always losing those little pieces of paper I have my notes scribbled on.
  5. Kids love the programs, participate in them, and learn a lot.

So next time, don\t let the youth intimidate you! Arm yourself with the Youth Worker\s Idea Depot. It is more than you\ll need and it can keep growing with all the ideas you pick up during your ministry. By the way, did I mention the easy-to-use, no-preparation, kids-love-them 1,001 ideas?

*For more information:

Group Publishing

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Telephone: 1-800-447-1070

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