By Dynamic Steward staff

Summary: An interactive, multi-aged, program that reviews the basics of stewardship education for children, using adults as participants and teachers.

Need a good way to review stewardship education in your church? The General Conference Children\s Ministries Department has a new program that does just that. Spanned over 12 lessons, My Place in Space uses active learning to teach the importance of being good stewards. In this program, the participants will learn that stewards take care of everything for which they are given responsibility.

My Place in Space covers a broad concept of being a steward in the biblical sense. Too often stewardship is limited to money. But, stewardship is more than money--At home, in the community and country, and especially in God\s cosmic plan, every one of us has a specific and assigned role to play.

These programs are designed for multi-age interaction, and are most effective when used this way. It creates a learning environment for children of all ages, and incorporates adults as teachers and participants. This innovative method makes this program ideal for the entire church congregation. By participating in the activities together, adults and children alike will enjoy building their faith and fortifying their minds to face life with confidence.

You cannot find a more affordable program! You will only need one copy per congregation--the programs are loose-leaf and come with the rights to photocopy for use in your congregation. To introduce this new program to the world church, My Place in Space can be purchased for $US 10.00. This introductory low price is available only for a limited time, and includes shipping and handling.

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