By Dynamic Steward Staff

Summary: A review of the publications from Discipleship Resources specifically designed for youth ministry.

Discipleship Resources is a publishing unit of the General Board of Discipleship of The United Methodist Church. Listed below are some of their discipleship resources designed especially for youth. Using resources such as these will help young people walk with Jesus every day.

Together in Love, by David C Sutherland (US$ 13.95) While primarily providing a structured way for youth and college students to grow to be accountable disciples of Jesus Christ, this book is designed to also hold youth and college students accountable to one another. After mutually agreeing to a covenant that includes acts of devotion, worship, compassion, and justice, youth meet regularly for starting, maintaining, and creating youth Covenant Discipleship Groups; conducting group meetings; and sharing ideas and information.

Culture Shifts, by Craig Miller and Lia Icaza-Willetts (US$ 15.95) Home life and congregational life are constantly bombarded by changes in our culture. Over the course of 10 sessions, this book examines 9 culture shifts that affect youth in their personal and church life. Using this as the foundation of a group study will help develop a daily devotional life and hold one another accountable for discipleship. Included is a Guide for Daily Devotions focusing on Psalms.

Sprouts, by Edie Genung Harris and Shirley L. Ramsey (US$ 11.95) This weekly program outline for children (grades 3-6) was created with the primary purpose of encouraging children to regularly support one another in their efforts to live as disciples of Christ. It also incorporates life-application by helping them choose deeds that demonstrate their love for God and for others.

Hand in Hand, by Sue Downing (US$ 16.95) Designed to help parents rear their children as Christian disciples, this book contains ideas, suggestions, and activities to help children make prayer a vital part of daily life; read the Bible so that it\s fun, exciting, and meaningful; and actively integrate Jesus into everyday life. Walking with Jesus every day

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