by Calvin Miller

Bethany House Publishers

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Reviewed by Benjamin C. Maxson, Director, General Conference Stewardship

In this powerful book Calvin Miller builds upon his dynamic contribution to the world of Christian spirituality. Incorporating a very readable and interesting style, Miller speaks to the heart and mind. This work encourages the Christian who is seeking a deeper relationship with God. He challenges the conventional wisdom of cultural Christianity with a vision for intimacy with God that Miller shows is possible in the contemporary world.

You cannot read this book without being challenged to re-evaluate your lifestyle and priorities. It is not enough to want to know God without being willing to be like God. While there is no four-step recipe for this intimacy with God, Miller invites us to a journey, plumbing the depths of what God can mean to us, where eyes see the Invisible, ears hear the Inaudible, and minds conceive the Inconceivable.

Miller’s rich prose paints word pictures that draw one deeper still into exploring who God is in our lives. He challenges us to search out the disciplined life that will help break the tyrannies of contemporary culture. He invites us to enter into the listening life that opens our hearts to the reality of God. He invites us to discover our calling in God and to focus our lives around who we are in Him. And he confronts us with the need for a confessional life—a life which reveals God to those around us by word and deed.

This is one of the more powerful books I have read this year. It has so called and drawn me, that I am returning for a second and contemplative read. Join me in the journey of seeking the depths of God with Calvin.