Brendon Prutzman, Youth Pastor

Spencerville SDA Church, Silver Spring, Maryland

By Trey Sklar, Jedd Medefind, Mike Peterson, and Matt Kronberg

W Publishing Group, Orange, California

2001 US $14.99

The book Four Souls is an inspiring read for anyone. I found that it primarily reaches out to upper high school and college age youth. The book is about four college friends who set out in search of the ?epic life.? They decide to take a year off from school, and any other plans they may have made for the immediate future, and challenge each other by traveling around the world doing mission work.

Four Souls is packed with stories that really make you think about how you approach life and what you are truly seeking from it. It especially makes you reflect on living every day and what you are doing to develop your life as a Christian example in the world.

Another area the volume illuminates is the relationship between the four men. There are journal entries from each of them throughout the book. At times they are close to driving each other crazy, but instead of getting ?stuck,? they use their frustrations to ?grow? and to better the group. They carry out group exercises by talking and working through problems. There is undeniable value in picking up on some of the insights they gain through this process.