By John D. Beckett

InterVarsity Press

Downers Grove, Illinois

1998 $15.99

Reviewed by Benjamin C. Maxson, Director,

General Conference Stewardship Ministries

John Beckett’s Loving Monday is a powerful and practical book on integrating God and faith values into everyday life. In narrative style, Beckett employs his own journey in the business world to demonstrate the very real struggles one faces. He shares practical tips for making God real in the workplace—thus transforming it. The author practices his basic belief that the Bible can be used as a guide for doing good business. His ?main mission in life is to know the will of God and to do it.?

The book is organized into four sections, outlining principles and providing illustrations of their application. Part One, ?Foundations,? describes the experiences which led Beckett to discover and develop the principles that would become the guiding ethics for his business. Part Two, ?The Big Picture,? is an extremely valuable comparison of two philosophical perspectives. The first is common in our day, compartmentalizing work and faith in two separate and distinct arenas—two worlds. The second perspective integrates work and faith in a remarkable and compatible way. Part Three, ?Applications,? explores how to apply foundational truths, deeply rooted in Scripture, into every aspect of daily life. Part Four, ?The Wrap-Up,? ties things together and looks at applying these principles to people in business.

This is a book that I believe every Christian should read. It is time to integrate faith and daily life, and Beckett has given us an excellent example of this journey.