By Robert Wolgemuth

Zondervan Publishing House

Grand Rapids, Michigan

1999 $16.99

Reviewed by the Staff of Dynamic Steward

The title of this book did not fully prepare me for what I was about to find, but I was pleasantly and thoughtfully surprised. Daddy@Work is about cross-training. What does a father learn at home that he can use in his business practices, and what does a businessman learn at work that can be of value in his parenting skills at home?

If you read this work, you will find out. Robert Wolgemuth’s approach is creative and meaningful. The book’s subtitle is ?Loving Your Family, Loving Your Job ... Being Your Best in Both Worlds.? In other words, says the author, ?You can be a good dad and a successful businessman by being the same person in both places.?

The book is filled with stories that explain how this can happen. Wolgemuth discusses the benefits of protecting the rights and privacy of those you work with as well as your children, and he tells how his daughter taught him this important lesson. He also talks about conversation—really listening, and not just waiting for a place to jump in and take over the conversation. He speaks of affection, discipline, laughter, faith, and conduct in both of these important worlds—always sharing lessons learned in one and carried over to the other.

The quotes in the book are excellent. I highly recommend this work—for both Daddies and Mommies who care about their families and their co-workers.