By John D. Beckett

InterVarsity Press

Downers Grove, Illinois

1998 $15.99

Reviewed by Claire L. Eva, Assistant Director

General Conference Stewardship Ministries

Mark Buchanan’s Things Unseen: Living in Light of Forever is exceptional. There are few books I’ve read of late that have been so meaningful. The author-pastor is not only a gifted writer, philosopher, and storyteller—he is God’s man. He describes what it means to be heavenly minded. I confess, I had not realized so many Bible passages center in this subject. Says Mark:

?Heavenly-mindedness is sanity. It is the best regimen for keeping our hearts whole, our minds clear?. Only those who fill their hearts and minds with heaven can want or even recognize its earthly counterpart?. To be of real earthly good requires a certain fearlessness: a freedom from the fear of death, from the loss of property or status or title or comfort, from the threat of tyrants, the power of armies, the day of trouble.?

Buchanan says that ?our deepest instinct is heaven. Heaven is the ache in our bones and the splinter in our heart.? The book’s four sections are: 1) Heaven-Haunted: Missing Things Unseen 2) Heaven-Struck: Seeing Things Unseen 3) Heaven-Sent: Being of Earthly Good and 4) Heaven-Bent: Living in the Light of Forever.

If you want to encounter a transparent, healthy honesty, feel the breeze of a fresh new way to see, and live with eternity ever in view, you will find it here. The Spirit working through this writing has lifted me and given me new vision, new hope.