By Dr. Archibald D. Hart

Word Publishing

Nashville, Tennessee

US $13.99

Review by Dr. Delmer Holbrook

Retired President of Home Study International

Anxiety, worry, and panic attacks are leading emotional problems in our breakneck, high-speed world. They comprise the number one emotional problem for women and are second only to substance abuse in men. The Anxiety Cure is a very readable, sensible text that practically covers the entire field regarding anxiety.

This book is for everyone! Whether you are a worrier or not, there are almost certainly worriers all around you. Hart makes the point convincingly that our brains have their own system of natural tranquilizers, and popping pills isn’t the best way to go. The chapter, ?A Seven-Week Plan for Breaking the Worry Habit,? is worth the price of the book alone. Dr. Hart builds his message solidly on biblical principles and reflects a lifetime of experience in counseling the worried, the fretful, and the anxious. Read it! It could very well change your life.