Reviewed by the staff of Dynamic Steward

The award-winning Zondervan Student Bible(NIV) has been completely revised! The new revision includes updated notes by Philip Yancey and Tim Stafford and a new 180-day ?Guided Tour.? This Bible was developed to help any student of Scripture who has difficulty in reading and understanding the Bible.

I especially like the introductory overviews to the Old and New Testaments as well as each book of the Bible. The ?Book Introductions? give insights on how to read each book—how the book is broken down into parts, key points the author is making, and lessons to be learned.

But there is more. The ?Guided Tour,? ?100 People You Should Know? articles, and the occasional ?Highlights and Insights? that you encounter along the way, enrich your understanding of what you are reading and encourage you to reflect on what you have learned. There are also three Track Reading Plans to choose from.

I encourage anyone who wants to take this informative and inspirational tour to buy this excellent resource.