Reviewed by the Staff of Dynamic Steward

In this issue, you’ve no doubt seen that we have featured Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend several times. They are an excellent resource for an issue on ?Relationships.? Boundaries in Marriage begins by defining boundary as ?a property line.? And, say the doctors, ?If you know where the property lines are, you can look up who owns the land?. A relationship like marriage requires each partner to have a sense of ownership of himself or herself? (pp. 17, 18).

In Part 2, Cloud and Townsend talk about ?Building Boundaries in Marriage.? They apply ten laws of boundaries to marriage and unpack and carefully examine six core values: 1) Love of God, 2) Love of Your Spouse, 3) Honesty, 4) Faithfulness, 5) Compassion and Forgiveness, and 6) Holiness.

Part 3 of the book is dedicated to ?Resolving Conflict in Marriage?—protecting marriage from intruders (not just people!), taking a close look at six types of conflict within marriages, and resolving conflict with boundary-loving and boundary resisting spouses.

Not only will you find their philosophical foundation sound, but you will discover fresh new insights in the Scriptures they share. Their examples and stories are invaluable.