By Dr. Henry Cloud and

Dr. John Townsend

Integrity Publishing

Nashville, Tennessee

2002 US $21.99

Reviewed by Benjamin C. Maxson, Director, General Conference Stewardship Ministries

For many of us, life appears to be a series of crises. At times merely surviving seems to be in question. Yet God is always with us, and He will make a way. With this foundational assurance, Townsend and Cloud present a series of basic principles to help us face our struggles and get more out of life.

The authors outline eight powerful and dynamic principles. When applied to life, they transform the way we think and live. They help us walk with God and see ourselves as He sees us. With these principles, crises become opportunities for growing with God and for integrating God into every area of life.

After presenting the eight principles, the authors share realistic examples from life that illustrate and encourage. This book has the potential to transform and strengthen us in our walk with God.