By Jonathan Graf


Colorado Springs, Colorado

2002 US $10.00

Reviewed by Charlotte Ishkanian, Editor, Mission Magazine, General Conference Sabbath School

This volume explains how prayer can help the Christian grow a love relationship with God and release God’s will on earth. It discusses how to start a disciplined prayer life that will make prayer exciting.

Graf covers basic topics like knowing God’s voice—how it differs from personal will and Satan’s tactics. He says the importance of adoration is to put things in perspective, to build trust in God, and to develop a deeper sense of intimacy with God. He explains the distinction between praise (adoration) and thanksgiving.

Especially valuable is his discussion of “kingdom-focused prayer,” praying with God’s kingdom and eternity in view. If you want a straightforward book that focuses on prayer, try The Power of Personal Prayer. It provides basic tools to revitalize your prayer life and ample sources for further study.