By Laurie Polich

Zondervan Publishing

Grand Rapids, Michigan

2002 US $9.99

Brendon Prutzman, Youth Pastor, Spencerville SDA Church, Silver Spring, Maryland

If you have ever tried to lead a small youth group, you probably already know the value of having enough questions—and of having the right questions.

Small Group Qs is a book full of questions! And it puts them all at your fingertips. There are questions for groups just getting acquainted, for groups growing spiritually, questions on specific topics, and questions on particular Bible study passages.

If you are a busy youth leader who needs to find shortcuts for Bible study planning, this is a book to have in your library. It takes minimal preparation to have a great study with your small group because the verses and the questions are there, ready to use.

The only drawback is that some questions may not fit your group. There are some that do not work well with my high school-aged group. However, I have found that with students I know well, it is fairly easy to adapt the questions to fit the group—which encourages the students to open up more.

Overall, I would rate the book as a ?must-have.? Even if you don\t lead a small group, having the questions will help you build stronger relationships with your students.