by James L. Paris

Harvest House Publishers

Eugene, Oregon

1998/1999 US$ 9.99

Reviewed by Charlotte Iskanian, Editor, Mission Magazine, General Conference Sabbath School

Summary: Everyone could use some valuable information on how to get more for your money. James Paris has excellent ideas: beginning with saving at the grocery store, and moving on to health care savings, vacation costs, and creative college financing. Check out these two easy-read publications for everything that has anything to do with money.

The books, More for Your Money and Absolutely Amazing Ways to Save Money on Everything, by James L. Paris, offer tried-and-true ways to save and a lot more.

Absolutely Amazing starts small—how to save at the grocery store, the clothing store, the gas station. But he moves to larger items quickly enough and offers many principles that young people especially should study before they venture too far into financial freedom or financial disaster. Paris covers how to maximize everyday purchases such as food and clothing, then moves to larger items, like saving money on health care, vacation costs, creative financing of college, buying a car or a home, and knowing your legal rights–which can save a great deal.

More for Your Money explains complex financial principles in easy-to-understand language. How can I finance a home purchase without a credit history or a down payment? What is the best way to save for my child’s college education, and how do I figure how much to save? Paris tells how. But perhaps the most attractive feature of the book are his subheadings labeled “Freedom Principles,” which neatly summarize the information that follows.

There is no magic here. Paris examines issues from a Christian perspective of honesty and integrity. I’d give these books four stars for easy-to-read, accurate advice on nearly everything that has anything to do with money.