By David. G. Benner

InterVarsity Press

Downers Grove, Illinois

2003 US$ 11.00

Reviewed by Claire L. Eva, Assistant Director, General Conference Stewardship Ministries

The title, Surrender to Love, did not particularly draw me. But as I read, I knew the author was moving me along to a safe harbor for mind and heart. David Benner, Professor of Psychology and Spirituality at the Psychological Studies Institute in Atlanta, Georgia, says, “Only God deserves absolute surrender, because only God can offer absolutely dependable love.”

Benner develops the themes of love and surrender as the heart of Christian spirit­uality. He believably emphasizes how very much God loves us—that He is actually giddy about His love for us. He talks about the folly of our own self-determination and says, “Those who surrender, obey. But not all who obey, surrender.... [God] intended that our failures in obedience lead us to surrender. Rather than drive us to ever-increasing efforts to get it right ourselves, God wants our sin to make us aware of our need of him” (pp. 55, 56).

Space does not allow me to delineate all of the inspiration and meaning packed in this small volume. Chapter titles include “Love and Fear,” Surrender and Obedience,” Transformed by Love,” and “Becoming Love.” A meaningful read that you will want to reread. There is something very important here. Don’t miss it!