by John W. Frye

Zondervan Publishing

Grand Rapids, Michigan

2002 US $10.99

Reviewed by Claire L. Eva, Assistant Director, General Conference Stewardship Ministries

In his book, Jesus the Pastor, John Frye underscores the life of Christ as the model for Christian pastors. ?How seriously do pastors look to Jesus Christ,? says Frye, ?as the one who shapes their vision and expression of pastoral ministry?? (p. 17)

For this author and experienced pastor, ?Jesus as Mentor? is crucial in the life of the pastor. Frye’s illustration and reference to Jesus saying to him, ?John, watch me,? is unforgettable! Christ says to us all ?Watch me, see how I do it, and follow me.?

While we agree that all of the Spirit’s gifts are relevant, Frye’s discussion on cessationism seems more polemic and less helpful to the overall thrust of the book. We would affirm, we need to be open to the Spirit’s leading and God’s purposes in bestowing all of His gifts.

This book makes an invaluable contribution to pastors today! To be effective at all, we need to ?lead others in the character and power of Christ.?