The Children\s Group of Zondervan Publishing House

Grand Rapids, Michigan


Reviewed by the staff of Dynamic Steward

Summary: Review of a KJV Bible specifically designed for children.

Formerly called the KJV Adventure Bible, this full-text KJV Bible for children, ages 8-12, is designed to help children grown in their understanding of God by developing their faith. The Bible contains the complete text of the King James Version. It uses a study system with 5 features and 15 updated color charts, 8 full-color maps, a presentation page, a dictionary-concordance to key Bible words, and 2 indexes to help locate in-text Bible features.

· Let\s Live It! Explains a Bible passage and includes an activity to get kids involved

· Life in Bible Times explains and illustrates what it was like to live in Bible times

· Did You Know? points out many of the small but fascinating facts in the Bible

· Words to Remember highlights Bible verses that are good for memorization

· Book Introductions, written for children, give background information on each book of the Bible

· 15 updated color charts are packed with helpful and interesting information

· 8 full-color maps and much more!

The color work is beautifully graphic! This is a Bible to aid and interest

young children as they journey through the word of God. It would be helpful if

this Bible were published in the NIV version as well.

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July–September, 2001


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