by Laurie Beth Jones
Hyperion Publishers
New York, New York

Reviewed by Richard Stenbakken, Director, Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries

WOW! What a dynamite book! The short, pithy, frank, thought-provoking chapters (usually 2-3 pages) are followed by self-evaluation questions that call for deep reflection on the part of the reader. Questions such as (following the chapter on Accountability): Do you constantly rescue others, or do you hold them accountable? How do you do both?

The book is developed around three major themes that Jesus developed in His own ministry and ministry management:

Strength of Self-Mastery

Strength of Action

Strength of Relationships

The author of Jesus, CEO* develops these three concepts and challenges the reader to go beyond the book and deeply into the reader’s own thoughts, ideas, and activities. The book is a seed-bed of ideas on leadership, ministry and personal growth. The format makes it easily usable as an individual daily reading/exercise manual, as a starter for church board/business meetings or for group discussion and team development.

So, as the questions at the end of the He had a Plan chapter ask: What is your plan? Is it written down? Is it clear? Can it be communicated? Is it workable? How can you implement it? When will you begin?

I’d suggest you begin or continue your leadership development by securing a copy of this valuable volume and use it daily. It would make a great basis for building a personal leadership journaling discipline.

*Jesus CEO is the first of a trilogy. The books that follow are: The Path; Jesus in Blue Jeans